Or: is Google really bad? Is Facebook?

The successor of the medival ages´ witch hunt is up, make sure you don´t miss it! Information technology´s giants, like Google or Facebook, are about to be burned at the stake for gathering information about your preferences, analyzing your habits on the Net, and selling those profiles for profit. Duh!

But, have you ever wondered why you´re able to use Google for free? Or why Facebook provides you with the latest news from your friends, also for zilch? It´s not like those servers they run, the people they employ, or the traffic they generate, are free as well. They pay hard cash for it. And lots of it. And even small websites, where you seek information about programming, or surfing, or whatever, have to pay the hosting, even if the work itself is just enthusiasic… and for free.

But somehow, users of all the modern information technology expect those big companies to be Mother Theresa. And get all worked up when rumors have it that Facebook might or might not charge a small fee for their services. Are you afraid of Google tracking your every move on the Net? Well, they do, but does it hurt you to see ads about something you sought to buy, on another site, a couple of days after your original search?

Get real! The information, or rather, the entertainment you enjoy by surfing the Net, ain´t free. You have to give up some information about yourself, in order to gain information others have. If you´re not willing to, please don´t use modern technologies, turn off your computer, don´t buy a smart phone, and in general, hide on some mountain and don´t bother us. But if you like the entertainment all those free site provide, click some banners, strip down naked, and share your address book 😉